Info Guide to Overtures before PCAGA50

by The Editors | May 29, 2023

With the 50th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) coming up in just a couple weeks (June 13-16) and the Commissioner Handbook now available through the PCA’s Administrative Committee, the denomination’s elders who will be attending need all the help they can get to prepare.

Teaching Elders Jared Nelson and Scott Edburg have done some heavy lifting to bring together information about the 30 overtures (including a referred overture originally proposed in 2021) before this year’s Assembly. With a lot of information to digest and to consider, this resource will surely be a helpful tool for weighing the pros, cons, and Permanent Committee recommendations about each Overture. Of course, to access the full text of each Overture (including ‘Whereas’ statements explaining the rationale behind each recommendation), visit Anyone can access the document put together by TEs Nelson and Edburg, hosted on Google Docs, by clicking here or the button below.

As you review the information gathered and presented in this helpful resource, bear in mind that this is the work of two Teaching Elders desiring to be useful to their brothers. The compilers of this information intended only to summarize and present, not to opine or recommend. TE Edburg explains, “In Docs, each overture is hyperlinked to the Overture itself and is accessible by a single click. The sheet offers: Intent: The purpose of the Overture. Liabilities: These are potential points of debate and do not represent the authors’ support or rejection of the Overture. Permanent Committee Recommendation: This is Information from our Commissioner Handbook with reference.”

Please note that this document is different from the “BCO Amendment Tracker” Google Sheet which TE Edburg and RE Joshua Torrey have produced and updated in real-time over the past eleven months. To access that Sheet, click here or the button below.

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