The Church’s Two Laws

By Brad Isbell | February 28, 2023 In the Presbyterian Church in America, there are but two offices: elder and deacon. All officers in the PCA are ordained; both offices (by definition) are filled by (and only by) ordained persons. Officers are essential in many kinds of organizations inasmuch as they are legally required or … More The Church’s Two Laws

Worship, Polity, & the PCA

By Brad Isbell | January 24, 2022 The state of worship in the Presbyterian Church in America is arguably better than it has ever been, at least as far as liturgy goes. More churches now use recognizably Reformed liturgies than at any point in the denomination’s history. These are liturgies that include the biblical elements … More Worship, Polity, & the PCA

Do We Need Overture 15? Overture 29 Tells Us “Yes”

By George Sayour | January 20, 2023 Note: The second half of this article is a line-by-line look at how Overture 29 lines up with the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).I have many friends who are in support of Overture 29. In addition, I am on the Gospel Reformation Network (GRN) General Council and the … More Do We Need Overture 15? Overture 29 Tells Us “Yes”