Beware the Latitude of the Pharisees

By Ryan Biese | December 5, 2022 I was reared Lutheran (ELCA). In my experience growing up and attending several different Lutheran congregations, the worship was fundamentally the same.[1] Regardless of whether we attended a relatively conservative or relatively liberal congregation, the order of worship essentially did not change. It did not even matter whether … More Beware the Latitude of the Pharisees

Proverbs for Presbyters

By Jared Nelson | June 21, 2022 For my own edification, I have made a habit to read through the book of Proverbs in preparation for General Assembly each year. A few years ago, I wrote out certain Proverbs which I need to remember when interacting with others, speaking privately or publicly, and maintaining my … More Proverbs for Presbyters

Mercy in Church Courts

by Zachary Groff | April 7, 2022 Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy (Matthew 5:7). At the heart of the Beatitudes, our Lord sets forth mercy as a – if not the – central mark of Christian discipleship, Kingdom living, and human flourishing in the church. Such being the case, what does … More Mercy in Church Courts