To access a trove of video resources on Presbyterian (and specifically, PCA) polity and church government, click here. For videos treating special topics of interest to Presbyterians and the PCA, click here.

The Administrative Committee (PCAAC) – The stated mission of the Administrative Committee of the PCA (PCAAC) is to promote the unity, purity, and mission of the PCA. The PCAAC provides churches, presbyteries, and the General Assembly with the expertise and action needed to keep its ministries moving forward. The staff of the PCAAC includes the Stated Clerk and his office, the Historical Center Director, the staff of byFaith Magazine, a number of meeting planners (focused especially on the annual meeting of the General Assembly), Pastoral Placements staff, church relations staff, and other operations administrators.

BCO Amendment Tracker – TE Scott Edburg of First Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Tuscumbia, AL and RE Joshua Torrey have set up and maintain a Google Sheet tracking the progress of presbytery votes on all proposed BCO amendments coming out of the 49th General Assembly. Three of these these twelve proposals will amend the BCO to advise and to guide presbyteries in the examination and qualifications of officer candidates on matters relating to Christian character. Eight of the proposals handle procedural matters relating to ecclesiastical complaints, appeals, and trials. The remaining proposed amendment effects a change in the PCA’s process for overseeing out-of-bounds (OOB) calls for military chaplains.

The Confessional Presbyterian Journal (CPJ)The Confessional Presbyterian (CPJ) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published on an annual basis since 2005. In 2021, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary acquired The Confessional Presbyterian. As “A Journal for Discussion of Presbyterian Doctrine & Practice,” The Confessional Presbyterian frequently features articles from PCA and other Presbyterian officers on matters pertaining to polity and ecclesiology.

The General Assembly Website (PCAGA) – The General Assembly is the highest court of the Presbyterian Church in America. Presbyters constituting the General Assembly meet annually to deliberate and decide upon the work of the Church.

Gospel Reformation Network (GRN) – The Gospel Reformation Network (GRN) began in 2012 by a group of PCA pastors with the specific goal of promoting a proper articulation of, and call to, sanctification in the ministry of the church. That goal has been expanded to include a broader array of concerns related to the health and well-being of the PCA in particular and of the church in-general. In an effort to cultivate healthy Reformed churches within the PCA, and to encourage our denomination to maintain its long-term integrity as a biblical and confessional denomination, the GRN’s expanded vision and message include numerous subjects related to the Christian life and the ministry of the local church. Click here for more information about the current aims and vision of the GRN. The GRN hosts events throughout the year (and especially during General Assembly), maintains a robust online presence for the promotion of confessional and Presbyterian doctrine and practice, and facilitates the formation of Teaching Elder peer groups called “Companies of Pastors.”

Log College Press – Log College Press collects and reprints (both digitally and physically) writings of and about American Presbyterians from the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries. Much of the material available at has direct relevance to Presbyterian ecclesiology and polity. There are literally thousands of free digital resources available on the Log College Press website.

MORE in the PCA (MORE) – MORE in the PCA is a grassroots movement of Ruling Elders within the PCA that seeks to encourage our brother REs that do not already participate in the Church’s higher courts (Presbytery and General Assembly) to start attending and participating. MORE maintains an online blog featuring content pertinent to the work of the Ruling Elder in the PCA, and the group maintains a fund to provide financial assistant to Ruling Elders who otherwise could not attend General Assembly. MORE in the PCA collaborated with Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN to produce a series of polity-oriented videos featuring veteran PCA churchmen TEs Dominic Aquila and Fred Greco, available here.

The PCA Historical Center (PCAHC) – The mission of the PCA Historical Center is to preserve the records of the Presbyterian Church in America and to document the story of the conservative Presbyterian movement of the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition to preserving the records of the PCA, the Center also serves as the repository of record for four other conservative Presbyterian denominations. The Center houses the manuscript collections of about 150 people connected with those denominations, plus history materials for over 700 congregations. The Center maintains a modest research library of around 5,000 titles covering all aspects of American Presbyterianism.

RE Podcast – Presbyterian & Reformed Churchmen – Join host George Sayour on iTunes, Spotify, Google, or YouTube as he interviews Ruling Elders from across the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) on a variety of topics of interest to churchmen young and old, new and veteran.