Special Topics Videos

The videos featured below were filmed and produced at a variety of events and address special topics relating to Presbyterian polity, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and how best to honor Christ in service to the Church. We thank the Gospel Reformation Network (GRN) for producing this content and making it available for free distribution and use. You can find these and more videos from the GRN at vimeo.com/gospelreformationnetwork.

Rediscovering the Genius of Biblical Presbyterianism | TE Fred Greco

15 Lessons on Church Discipline | TE Carl Robbins

A Noble Task: Enduring Lessons on the Ruling Elder from Samuel Miller | RE Melton L. Duncan, Sr.

Recovering Biblical Leadership in the Public Worship of God | TE Richard D. Phillips

The Gospel Issues of Revoice & “Gay Christianity” | TE Richard D. Phillips

The Blessing & Ministry of the Ruling Elder | RE Melton L. Duncan, Sr. & TE Jon D. Payne

The Usefulness of the Westminster Confession | TE Nate Shurden & TE Nick Batzig

Purity: A Response to the PCA’s Ad Interim Committee Report on Human Sexuality | TE Jon D. Payne

Attention Ruling Elders! What Should We Be Doing? | RE Melton L. Duncan, Sr.

PCAGA48 Overture 39 & the Maintenance of High Standards of PCA Ordinands | TE Richard D. Phillips

PCAGA48 Overture 23 & the Defense of Biblical Sexuality | TE Jon D. Payne

PCAGA48’s Overture 14 & the PCA’s Mission of the Church | TE Harry L. Reeder, III