Polity Video Guides

The videos featured below were filmed and produced in Franklin, TN under the auspices of Parish Presbyterian Church (PCA). They are hosted online by MORE in the PCA. They feature veteran churchmen Teaching Elders Dr. Dominic Aquila (New Geneva Theological Seminary) and Fred Greco (Christ Church PCA of Katy, TX).

The Book of Church Order: A Simplified Guide | Intro

What are the Biblical Principles of Church Government?

What is Presbyterian Church Government?

What is the PCA?

How are Ruling Elders Trained and Ordained?

I am an Elder! Now What?

How Can I Become a Pastor?

How Do We Handle Conflict in the Church?

What are Committees and Commissions?

How Do Investigations Work?

What Happens Before a Trial?

What Happens in a Judicial Trial?

What are Complaints and Appeals?

What is a Deacon?

What Does it Mean to be a PCA Church Member?

How Does the PCA Plant Churches?