The Church’s Two Laws

By Brad Isbell | February 28, 2023 In the Presbyterian Church in America, there are but two offices: elder and deacon. All officers in the PCA are ordained; both offices (by definition) are filled by (and only by) ordained persons. Officers are essential in many kinds of organizations inasmuch as they are legally required or … More The Church’s Two Laws

The Biblical Genius of PCAGA49’s Overture 15

by Zachary Groff | August 6, 2022 This year, twelve proposed changes to the Presbyterian Church in America’s (PCA) Book of Church Order (BCO) will come before the denomination’s eighty-eight presbyteries for consideration.[1] Three of the twelve proposals address aspects of ministerial qualifications and examination. Perhaps the most talked-about item is that which resulted from … More The Biblical Genius of PCAGA49’s Overture 15

What Is a Deacon?

By Ryan Biese | July 26, 2022 Scripture uses the word “deacon” in a variety of ways. So do PCA congregations.Modernism was characterized by a quest for objectivity and certainty, but it failed to deliver. Post-Modernism arose in response and questions all objectivity and certainty. Post Modernism thrives in the society of our exile. Perhaps … More What Is a Deacon?

The Elder’s Attire

By Zachary Garris | February 7, 2022 Men used to dress more formally than they do today. This can be seen by looking at older photos of men on airplanes and in the classroom. Yet it is often assumed today that how we dress is of no moral concern and is purely a matter of … More The Elder’s Attire