Our System of Doctrine

by Philip Ryan | September 20, 2023 “The words ‘system of doctrine,’ have a definite meaning, and serve to define and limit the extent to which the confession is adopted.” ~ Charles Hodge [1] The Westminster Confession and Catechisms are a treasure. When people ask for a good one-volume systematic theology, I usually recommend the … More Our System of Doctrine

The Benefits & Blessings of Ordination

by Guy Prentiss Waters | September 8, 2023 Most Presbyterians have attended an ordination service, but many Presbyterians don’t fully understand what they are witnessing. What exactly is (not) happening when men are ordained to office in the church? What are the benefits and blessings of ordination to the church’s officers? The PCA’s Book of … More The Benefits & Blessings of Ordination

And So It Begins…

By Scott Edburg | August 17, 2023 I may not be King Theoden from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and we are not on the verge of the Battle of Helm’s Deep, but I would like to make the observation that we in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) are beginning another significant event … More And So It Begins…

Yes, We Need Overture 23

By David Patrick Cassidy | July 21, 2023 Please note that the Editorial Board of Presbyterian Polity does not necessarily endorse all views expressed on the blog of this site, but the editors are pleased to present well-crafted position papers on issues facing Presbyterian churches and denominations. What follows is one such paper for our … More Yes, We Need Overture 23

A New History of the PCA’s First 50 Years

by David W. Hall | July 12, 2023 Editor’s Note: What follows below is an excerpt (pp. 124-127) from Irony and the Presbyterian Church in America by Dr. David W. Hall (Covenant Foundation, 2023), the first published history of the PCA’s inaugural 50 years. Single copies are available for purchase from Amazon.com, and discount pricing … More A New History of the PCA’s First 50 Years